Rolling my sleeves up & looking straight at you 2019!

2018 was an odd year because I was somehow living my best life and worst life at the same time.

Looking back at a fantastic year that went by, I have grown stronger, remained calm and patient than I have ever imagined and been focused like never before. I personally feel as if I have grown an inner self of disciple and there is something craving inside of me to face any situation despite the struggle in front.

Well. 2018 is done and dusted. On and upwards with 2019. The highs and lows, the good and bad, it all taught me one thing – life is more about living in the present, being happy and grateful for what you have and enjoy what I have worked so hard for.

Thank you 2018 for teaching me very certain and precise invaluable lessons in life.  Moreover, Thanks to the people who were a constant support for my success and helping me to build myself – the person, who I am today. And of course, my family who stood by me at every single moment when I felt hopeless and helpless. My family has been so amazing that they gave me the strength needed to fall 7 times and get up at 8th because that’s life.

Let me bid goodbye to 2018 with a note on the change, the lesson that this year brought into my life: The value, the necessity to comprehend failures and success. I could be proud of the fact that, till today – the last year of 2018, I cherish failures in life more than the success I have experienced in this short span of time. Because I have learned more about myself and life through those struggles and failures.

Walking towards 2019, I wish to improve myself in various aspects, filling in the gaps of all the shortcomings from recent years. Looking back a few months back from now, I realised and planned more to focus on improving my skillset; a late realisation of course :P. So I wish I could completely devote myself and be totally focused on achieving my milestones that I have laid out.

Finally, Cheers to an amazing year that went by. I travelled a lot, into different places and in various aspect of life too. Hoping for another fantastic year ahead despite the struggles more life has to offer.


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